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Softnet Broadband is an innovative iniative for Malawi and Mozambique offering high speed satellite broadband internet solution.We have earned a highly respected reputation throughout the industry and regard ourselves as being at the leading edge of our profession in terms of supply and servicing.Not only do you get high
speed internet access,you also get to eliminate the frustration of dealing with the local infrastructure.
BroadBand Internet

Delivering High Speed Internet access using a C Band KU Vsat.

Delivering cost effective, Business Quality and reliable telephone solution via Satellite.

This deployable anywhere high speed internet solution has allowed me to connect my remote business to the world at an affordable rate.

Nsanje Customer

We are now offering High end satellite corporate data/voice networks for customer specific wide area network (WAN) solutions.
Our solutions consist of zero contention service on a shared platform that guarantees minimum download speeds ranging from 64kbps to over 1Mbps. We offer a low cost, high speed, reliable direct satellite internet access solution.